Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playing Around with Microsoft Tags

Some see visual tags as a danger to NFC's breakthrough... Well, maybe; but only for a subset of NFC use cases.

Reason enough to try it out. So I created a tag at Microsoft. Had to login with liveid/password. Wondering when Information Card support will be there at liveid... And here it is:

Now we need the software from Hmm. Android not available yet for my G1. Symbian S60 is there but my S60 phones (E60 and E61) don't have a camera. My 6131-NFC (well) has a camera. I downloaded the j2me-unlocked program and installed it on the 6131 using Nokia's PC Suite's application installer. I was able to start the tagreader application and it successfuly decoded the tag on this page... but the phone has not valid internet connection settings...

Hm. Enough playing around. I might try it again when an Android G1 tagreader is available.

BTW: the tag points to the openinfocard download area. Well, to be more exact: it points to a Microsoft server that points to the openinfocard download area. So Microsoft is a man-in-the-middle. Do I want that? No.

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