Thursday, February 25, 2010

Firefox Personas and openinfocard

If you have personalized your Firefox with Personas then your openinfocard selector window now shows the same background image.

Which is nice and a security feature too. A malicious website could try to create a window that looks like your favorite openinfocard selector but the website does not know how you personalized your browser. So if your card selector window does not show the same background image as your browser then something is phishy!

Get the current (xmldap- version of openinfocard now!

Did I say that openinfocard runs on MacOS Snowleopard too?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Openinfocard openid login @ plaxo

When I referred to Mike's post about the Microsoft OpenID selector I was reminded to try this at the same site (Plaxo) as Mike. Here we go...

First I identified a small issue with openinfocard: The code matches the issuers now case-insensitive. Plaxo asks for "" while my card says "".
So you need the latest version of openinfocard to try this "at home".

Please install this into Firefox3 and browse to

Now click the "Sign in with OpenID" link to start the selector.

After selecting a card click "Send" to start openid discovery.

Yahoo! login and confirmation

Now I am logged in at Plaxo!


openinfocard OpenID Selector

Last autumn Microsoft demoed an OpenID selector at the OpenID summit hosted by Yahoo.
Now - finally - I found some time to add this to openinfocard.

If you have Firefox3 and Java6u12 installed then you have everything you need for this. On a Mac you need Snow Leopard to have java6. Thanks to JohnB and Pam for trying openinfocard on a Mac.

Now install the openinfocard addon into Firefox by e.g. clicking on

Browse to

Clicking the button starts the Selector.

My Yahoo openid card is shown on a green background because I have visited the openid consumer ( before and I have used this card there before.
Clicking the card image selects the card.

and you can now press "Send" to start the openid dance.
Discovery and Check Immediate are performed:

A "setup needed" is received and the Selector closes and we continue in the main browser window.

The final window: "You passed the test".