Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cardspace Support for Firefox

During the last week I released new versions of the Mozilla Firefox addon that adds Cardspace support to the browser.

One feature that was reenabled was the ability to get the "value" of the object element using javascript. The value is the security token and thus requesting the value starts the selector. This "feature" was lost in the past and was quite easy to reactivate.

Another change that envolved code changes in many places was the elemination of global variables. Which is a good thing. All global variables were moved into a new namespace org.openinfocard.cs4ff. I hope that this change gets this addon out of the sandbox and it will become an addon that can be installed without the "let me install this" checkbox.

To bad that the Information Card addons are not compatible with each other. You have to make your choice whether you install DigitalMe, Openinfocard, Azigo's selector or Cardspace4Firefox. Or other addons based on the same code base.
Which on the other hand is no problem in the real world. Users will pick their selector and install just one.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Avoco RealPay etc

In case you have not done so please have a look at Avoco's Information Card work.

One of their demo sites is a site called RealPay. Here you see the current openinfocard selector at work:

But the above is only the "normal" Information Card scenario.
Much more interesting are their "cloud selector" and their Cardspace based document signing product. The latter can sign Microsoft Office documents and PDFs and if you try to open that document you have to present a valid security token based on an Information Card which might be restricting your access even to your current location. Nice.
Read more here.