Monday, June 10, 2013

HTTPS EveryWhere Kantara Initiative

I noticed that when I am logged into and I then access documents
on there is no SSL protection. This is probably not good.

HTTPS Everywhere to the rescue!

HTTPS Everywhere Logo

I added my own rule to the HTTPS Everywhere Firefox addon. (Works in Firefox 21.0)

<ruleset name="KantaraInitiative">
 <target host="" />
 <target host="" />
 <target host="" />

 <rule from="^http://idp\.kantarainitiative\.org/" to=""/>
 <rule from="^http://(www\.)?kantarainitiative\.org/" to=""/>

Put the above ruleset into the Firefox Profile folder into a file named e.g. kantarainitiative.xml.
On Windows it should be located in a folder similar to this location:
Now whenever I visit Kantara HTTPSEverywhere redirects Firefox to the SSL protected service.

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