Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Version Openinfocard

I just uploaded a new version of the openinfocard selector to Google code here.

I changed code that limited self-issued cards to the "well-known" claims. Now I only need to add UI-code to enable the user to specify arbitrary URLs as claim-uris.
This change forced me to change the internal cardstore format for self-issued cards. The related XML now is more similar to the RoamingStore-format for Information Cards. This is good, but existing cards stop to work. Users of the new version have to delete and recreate their self-issued cards. Sorry, although I promise that this will be not the last time ;-) for this kind of changes. I want the internal cardstore format to be exactly like the RoamingStore format (plus legal openinfocard enhancements).

Other changes: - A small change that improves statusbar Information Card icon clicks when an object tag is in the page but no XRDS. This need more work.
- The sidebar code is leaner. This needs more work too, so that only matching cards are displayed and the sidebar window gets updated when the main window changes.
- The preferences javascript code is now in a separate file. I moved it from the XUL page. This seems to make the XBL that implements the preferences page happier.

I am glad that I found some hours to work on my hobby.