Tuesday, February 23, 2010

openinfocard OpenID Selector

Last autumn Microsoft demoed an OpenID selector at the OpenID summit hosted by Yahoo.
Now - finally - I found some time to add this to openinfocard.

If you have Firefox3 and Java6u12 installed then you have everything you need for this. On a Mac you need Snow Leopard to have java6. Thanks to JohnB and Pam for trying openinfocard on a Mac.

Now install the openinfocard addon into Firefox by e.g. clicking on http://openinfocard.googlecode.com/files/xmldap-

Browse to https://test-id.org/XP/Selector.aspx

Clicking the button starts the Selector.

My Yahoo openid card is shown on a green background because I have visited the openid consumer (test-id.org) before and I have used this card there before.
Clicking the card image selects the card.

and you can now press "Send" to start the openid dance.
Discovery and Check Immediate are performed:

A "setup needed" is received and the Selector closes and we continue in the main browser window.

The final window: "You passed the test".

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