Thursday, January 08, 2009

openinfocard is now on

I uploaded the current version of the openinfocard firefox extension to It is there in the experimental section. Sorry you have to have a mozilla account to download it from there. The future current versions will be available at the project's code repository as long as the extension is not in the section of released extensions.



Unknown said...

I know I am pushing the limits of compatibility, but I was trying to use your plugin with 64-bit Firefox and the latest pre-release of Sun JDK (including the 64-bit java plugin) on a 64-bit Gentoo Linux box.

I've verified that java works (via both and Sun's applet test), but the openinfocard plugin does not seem to do anything when I try to access a site with an information card (such as

Any ideas where I can begin to look? I'm well versed in Java and can dig around if necessary.

Unknown said...

Please set the Firefox environment as described here and send the console output to ignisvulpis () gmail.
In an earlier post I described how to disable plugin2. Please follow that instruction and test again.