Friday, March 28, 2008

in synch

Just synched up the two projects openinfocard and Cardspace for Firefox.
Both are now using the same object handling code. This is the part that implements the id selector selector and the object handling.

Please download the latest openinfocard id selector here.

SharpSTS with CardSpace for Firefox and anon id selector advertising

SharpSTS with openinfocard id selector

Both id selectors installed in the same Firefox profile

Please download the latest version of CardSpace for Firefox here.
Three releases today... Sorry for that.
1. dynamic object handling
2. handle existing but empty parameters like optionalclaims=""
3. better id selector advertising and synch with openinfocard


Pamela said...

Hi Axel!

this may be obvious once I install everything, but how do I know which of the two add-ons will take precedence when I initiate a transaction?

This is a fantastic improvement BTW!



Unknown said...

Which ever comes first takes precedence. The second or third extension will back out if it notices the object being handled already.