Friday, March 28, 2008

Dynamic objects

Last autumn when a change in Firefox forced us to change the HTML object tag handling we kicked XBL and used DOM event handlers as the primary mechanism to detect and handle objects of type application/x-informationcard.

At that time the three id selectors that use this same piece of code openinfocard, CardSpace for Firefox (on codeplex) and DigitalME stopped working on sites that dynamically create or change the objects of this type.

Yesterday Barry from the SharpSTS project contacted me that his site does not work with "my" extensions... Well, at first I was reluctant to put too much work into supporting this javascript kungfu but Mike Jones persuaded me.
As it turn out it was not that much work as I expected.

Please download the new version from the codeplex site here.
A new version of the openinfocard id selector will be available soon too.

Here are some sites that now work again with the Firefox extensions:



Kim's Identityblog

These interop tests were done with Firefox and CardSpace (.NET3.5).

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