Thursday, March 20, 2008

Certificate Chain Verification for CardSpace

Caleb Baker from the CardSpace team
When Microsoft released .NET3.5 changes were made that are not that much visible on the surface. One of these changes is the verification of certificate chains. Formerly only certificates were "validated" but not up to the root certificate through the certificate chain. Mike Jones was so kind to notify me of this improvement and provided the (preliminary) documentation to implement this; and Caleb Baker clarified details where the documentation was indeed "preliminary". Thanks.

Today I am proud to announce a new version of the Firefox extension that enables support for CardSpace. It was tested with and without SSL and on .NET3.0 and .NET3.5 installations. It can live next to the openinfocard extension. Both extensions have in-browser selector selector capabilities. Both extensions advertise the id selector if the user requested this feature on the options page.

Implementing this reminded me of how much work the team around Kim Cameron has put into CardSpace and how well they did it and still do. Applause and thank you.

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