Friday, February 22, 2008

Renew Midlet Signing Certificate

This post is for myself and for others who always forget how this is done.

  1. Go to the Verisign renewal web page and request a renewal of your certificate. Have your order number at hand.
  2. Wait for the new certificate to arrive via email.
    Congratulations! Verisign has issued your Java Object Signing (Class 3) Digital ID. VeriSign has digitally signed your Digital ID which gives you assurance that your Digital ID has not been damaged or changed in any way during its transmission to you.
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
  3. Copy the certificate from the email to a text file (let us call it cert2008.pem)
  4. Make a backup of your java keystore (keystore.jks).
  5. Import the new certificate into the keystore.
    $ keytool -keystore keystore.jks -storepass password -import -alias eclipse -file cert2008.pem
  6. Try it out. That is: Regenerate a signed midlet suite and deploy it to a mobile phone.
  7. On the mobile phone navigate to App-Manager and view the application details and the certificate details. This should show the new certificate details.
  8. Done.

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