Friday, February 29, 2008

opensso RP with xmldap code

Superpat posted here that there is now a new opensso extension that enables opensso to be an information card relying party.
Patrick Petit (pictured) who wrote this extension uses the xmldap library to process the xmltoken. Great. Note to self: be carefull when changing the xmldap codebase. Don't break this opensso extension.
Another (simpler) SUN access manager login module is described here. I am glad that Patrick improved my demo-grade login module to opensso quality. Thank you.


Patrick Petit said...

Hello Axel,

Thank you for the post and thank you also for making a note to yourself as not to break your dependents :-)
Talking of that, I think it would good timing for you to think of breaking out library into smaller chunks. For instance, a chunk that RPs like the one I developed for OpenSSO could use to support the information card RP logic (i.e. process XML token). Another library for the STS, and Firefox plugin. That would reduce the risk of breaking things out and minimize the footprint for those who import code. What do you think?

Pat Patterson said...

Thank you, Axel, for your work on xmldap and showing the way for others to follow. We're all standing on the shoulders of giants :-)