Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New Versions for Firefox

Please find the new version of the openinfocard id selector for Firefox in the project's download area.
It is best used with the new version of the identity selector selector which can be downloaded from this project's download area.

I tested both with most of the relying parties in the table "I2 Relying Party results with Identity Selectors". First the id selector selector with CardSpace 1.0, then with the latest openinfocard id selector.
I did not test RPs that bugged me with certificate issues.
The ping identity advanced RP is Firefox unfriendly as ever, but it worked.
I did not test the no-SSL Microsoft RP with CardSpace 1.x because I don't have that installed. I tested the no-SSL xmldap relyingparty with the openinfocard id selector which works fine!

You might want to know what changed...
Well, to bad I did not take notes. I noticed that Firefox works with IdentitySelector-1.0.1.xpi! From there I - very carefully and slowly - redid all the changes and feature integration again. In the end it worked. This is not really satisfying from a software engineering and quality assurance point of view... but who cares?!
The major change with the id selector selector is that is now leaves the type of the object untouched. Formaly the type was set to "" to remove the dreaded browserNotification "Addidional plugins are required ...". I think changing the type of the object is dangerous and yields unpredictable results.</update>.
The major change with the openinfocard id selector is that it now detects the id selector selector and leaves the 'object type="application/x-informationcard"' handling to it. The id selector selector was better in handling the objects since it exists.

Next steps regarding object handling:

  • I would like have the DigitalMe id selector integrated into the id selector selector. And I would like the openinfocard id selector to handle the objects alone if the id selector selector is not installed, but currently I don't know how to achieve both goals simultaneously.
  • Test RPs with multiple objects outside of forms.

Thanks to Andrew Hodgkinson and especially to Boris Zbarsky (Mozilla guru) who asked the right questions.

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