Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Downloading The New Version Of CardSpace

Right after I saw Mike Jones' post that a new version of CardSpace is available I started to download "it". Well, first a download for dotNetFx35setup.exe of about 3MB size started and I thought: "Hey, they really boiled this down from the over 50MB to a manageable size". But then the disappointment… The setup application does not setup .NET35 but downloads another 67MB of hopefully useful and necessary code.
Probably it is still to early in the morning and my skepticism is still sleeping... Call me naive.
Maybe I am an eternal optimist...

Anyway; I think that Microsoft should split this up so that I can get only what is needed for CardSpace and only that code that is not already on my machine. Maybe this will all be already installed in Windows8?!

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