Friday, November 02, 2007

Firefox 2.0.0.[8|9] xbl problem

There seems to be a bug/problem with the DigitalMe id selector, the openinfocard id selector and the perpetual-motion id selector selector and Firefox 2.0.0.[8|9]. Others report problems too.

If you want to use our id selector extensions please use Firefox for now.

Curious what is going on inside the extensions? Then you should configure Firefox to show you. Please follow the instructions given here: Setting up extension development environment. Setting the preferences is easy. Just enter about:config into the address bar and go for it.
The current xbl problem is not visible here though, but sometimes a lot of warnings regarding faulty css .

One item from my relying party wishlist: Please adhere to standards XHTML, HTML, CSS! Sometimes it is hard to see the debug messages in all the warnings caused by the relying party code.

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