Thursday, October 25, 2007

Interop I2

There has been some blogging about the interop event at Burton Group's Catalyst Conference EU07 already.

It has been a lot of work to test all this. For me I tested the openinfocard id selector against all IdPs and all RPs. Next the result tables for the xmldap IdP and the xmldap RP waited to be filled. Some server's even needed to be tested several times because issues were found. Specials thanks from me to Microsoft's Age STS team. It took us some time to notice that they use the 'issuerPolicy' parameter which caused the trouble.
My opinion is: don't use issuerPolicy except you have good reason. And don't use symmetric binding except you have good reason. I would prefer it if we would concentrate on the "standard" use cases for now.

Another point: One thing I missed during the interop. We forgot to create tables for the handling of privacy statements. I put this feature into the openinfocard id selector just recently...

This leaves us some work for the next interop. If you think that this an id selector feature and not an interop issue, then try to view the privacy statement from xmldap's relyingparty using CardSpace.

A final word: Alles wird gut.

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