Monday, October 29, 2007

ID Selector Beta Version Regression

How and when to trigger the id selector is --- complicated ---.
Two beta versions back I introduced primilary code to handle javacript triggering better. Well, since then the openinfocard id selector started to dislike our own relyingparty, which uses the plain old style recommended in "A Guide to Supporting Information Cards within Web Applications and Browsers as of the Information Card Profile V1.0". Thanks Pamela for notifying me.
After two nights of fruitless tries to fix this I decided today to go back two steps.
I made a backup of my current local code repository and retrieved a fresh copy from the public google code repository to build a "working" version again.
You can download it (xmldap- here.

As I am considering myself as an eternal optimist... here a small outlook which features might make it into the next (sans-micro-)version.
- no-SSL support
- better javascript id selector triggering

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