Friday, October 26, 2007

information card web integration complexity

During the interop id selectors were, among many others, tested against this relying party: MS no-SSL RP.

As you can see in the results table every other than the CardSpace selectors failed. At first glance this is no wonder because the no-SSL feature was just resently introduced.
BUT there are other reasons why this failures occur. One thing that really annoys me: Somebody found it cool to put the object element of type application/x-informationcard into the head part of the html document!
Well this may be perfectly legal, but why don't "they" adhere there own "A Guide to Supporting Information Cards within Web Applications and Browsers as of the Information Card Profile V1.0"?
Keep it simple! What is the reason to do this? Please enlighten me!

We all want information cards to be a success but doing all kind of possible tricks does not help. Giving guidelines to relying parties is good, but maybe this should not be just guidelines but a "standard"?!

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