Monday, May 25, 2009

J2SE 5.0 is in its Java Technology End of Life (EOL) transition period

"J2SE 5.0 is in its Java Technology End of Life (EOL) transition period. The EOL transition period began April 8th, 2008 and will complete October 30th, 2009, when J2SE 5.0 will have reached its End of Service Life (EOSL)."

While playing around with some SUN developement kit and trying to build the samples I got the error message that the version of the class files do not match. One gets this error message when some jar file was generated with another version of Java... Some time ago I deinstalled all old versions of Java from my computer keeping only the Java 6u13 JDK. It turns out that I need Java 5 to build the samples. Not good.

I downloaded java 5 and succeeded to build the samples... But anyway SUN should see to it that this does NOT happen. Especially with its own SDKs.

I already deinstalled java 5 again, but will keep the installer on disk for future incidents like this.

Migrate to java6 now!

Another pain point: What about J2ME? Are there any plans to update this java-1.3-ish language to java6? Android has java 6 but that is another league.

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