Tuesday, May 05, 2009

ICF D-A-CH Chapter @ EIC

Today at the European Identity Conference we had a workshop on forming a local chapter of the Information Card Foundation. We intend this to be a local chapter for Switzerland, Austria and Germany. We want to provide helpful information about Information Cards in the German language, we want to be a neutral body and an open organization, we want to organize and participate in events and workshops, we want to identify local requirements and local legislation related to Information Card Applications and we want to solve or to help solve challenges related to those local requirements and restrictions.

In our first workshop today we had many interesting presentations from very different companies and organizations. I won't repeat them here other then to note that probably all aspects of the Identity Metasystem were covered. That kind of surprised me, but it was a good surprise because it reminded me that there are more aspects to this other than the projects I work on. I thought that my openinfocard project and the Cardspace4Firefox project cover the selector part, that my divers work projects cover consumer, enterprise and mobile devices parts of the systems and the interoperability and standards aspects and that this is most of the "world" but of this of course not true. I was remembered that there is even more than this already huge field. That is good.

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