Tuesday, March 31, 2009

please think of the kittens

While searching what others write about Information Cards I found this older presentation and want to share especially one slide with you:
If you made OpenID phishing resistant then you have Microsoft CardSpace Geneva?! We need a secure (enough) UI for login and attribute sharing through OpenID, Information Cards and even username/password. I think that cards are a metaphore that users understand and what happens underneath the UI should not really concern the user. I don't want to remember an OpenID or a password, I want to choose a card and what happens under the hood... who cares?! Well, the server vendors care but not the user.
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Francis Shanahan said...

Cardspace is hard to understand (at least for me) and most examples cover only Self-Issued Cards. There are no examples out there using Managed Cards so I built out a full end-to-end claims federation scenario involving Username/Password backed Managed Cards and the Cardspace Identity Selector.

Let me know what you think: http://francisshanahan.com/cardspace

Anonymous said...
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