Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mozilla Add-On Workshop Berlin 2009

Last Saturday I attended the Mozilla Add-On Workshop in Berlin. It happened in the c-base which is a really cool location for this kind of events. Although the rooms are connected like pearls on a string which led to some traffic even during the sessions. Anyway it was a good event and I will go there again when it comes to Berlin again.
Things that impressed me:

  • The new video capabilities of Firefox 3.1 are astonishing. You can implement real-time image processing inside the browser to have blue-screen effects or to track people moving in front of the camera or <what-ever-you-can-think-of-on-doing-to-a-bitmap>.
  • DOM worker threads bring concurrency to javascript. This can be helpfull if you have a lengthy job to do but I fear that this can have astonishing effects.
  • The Mozilla Lab's project weave has a new version. Try it. I think it should be easy to extend sharing bookmarks, open tabs, extension from machine to machine to Information Cards and Information Card stores too.

Things that need more work:
  • Mozilla's build system. This is a monster.
    • I tried to build Firefox with Windows SDK 2008 and the .NET 3.5 framework -> no fun
  • crypto support in Mozilla is poor. I need xmldsig, xmlsec and some "basic" digest and crypto (RSA-OAEP-MGF1P) in extensions.
  • Java access from javascript extensions seem to go down the drain unless mozilla and sun do something.

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