Tuesday, September 09, 2008


When I was new to Information Cards I for some time believed that it is possible to use another cert for security token signatures than for the SSL endpoint. This is not true. I thought that this is a feature for the scenario when you host your STS at a webserver provider e.g. at https://openinfocard.org/ and you don't have access to the webserver's SSL key.
During the last days I was reminded of this misconception because https://xmldap.org/sts/ was down and I wanted to deploy the XMLDAP war files to openinfocard.org...
GoDaddy support told me that they can not give me the private key of "my" SSL cert. Bummer.
Without that key I can not issue security tokens. And there is no way to specify that I am using certA for SSL protection of the endpoint and certB to sign the security token. Hm. Maybe this should be possible in the "standard"?

Certs, certs, certs everywhere...

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