Friday, September 12, 2008

Firefox Java Plugin(s)

Have you ever wondered how Firefox finds the Java plugin on Windows systems? The reason you might start to wonder is that Firefox finds the plugin even when you installed Firefox after you had installed Java...
The trick is that Firefox - as long as you don't configure it not to do this - scans the Windows Registry.

If you experience problems with the new NPRUNTIME version of the Java plugin you can disable it like shown in the picture. This solves problems Java based plugins like the openinfocard id selector have with this new and improved Java plugin.

Please note that this is (somewhat) independent of Firefox. Even if you have an older version of Firefox the new plugin's bugs can hurt you if you have a recent version of Java that contains the new npruntime version of the Java plugin.

I recommend to disable the new npruntime plugin for Java in Firefox.

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