Friday, December 21, 2007

id selector advertising

I just uploaded a new version (xmldap- to the openinfocard's download area. This version allows you to change the value of the http header that advertises the id selector to the relying party.

You can choose between

  • no advertising
  • advertise existence
  • advertise id selector name

Please enlarge this picture to see the values in the preference dialog. The X-Id-Selector http header is visible in the left sidebar.

This version has now similar object handling code from digitalme as the id selector that was shortly known as CardSpace for Firefox.

Of course all of the id selector advertising stuff is preliminary and subject to change.

update: Rob Richards corrected my initial code that fills the menupopups in the preferences dialog so that only installed id selector extensions are added the popup's item list.

1 comment:

The Mad Scientist said...

Does the id selector support InfoCards using X509 user credentials?