Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Version of the Firefox ID Selector

Today I committed new code to the openinfocard repository.
This has the version number 0.9.3.

  • It improves support for managed claims in the Firefox ID selector

  • It implements a sample relying party and STS for geopriv claims (civic address)

First a managed cards is created, that holds the civic address of my office:

Then the relying party is visited:

The managed card is chosen:

Here are the provided claims:

The managed claims url's are "inspired" by rfc4119.
Besides serving static addresses the new geopriv_sts could issue a security assertion that is based on the current location of the requestor. For this the STS should be operated by the access provider. The authentication to the STS should be by self-issued information card and/or IP-Address (The usual NAT/STUN problems/solutions have to be considered, of course). The client could be a VoIP phone.
In my opinion many topics in the ECRIT mailing list could be addressed by this kind of STS.

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