Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Microsoft CardSpace Demo Site is not working with Firefox Id Selector

I just tried to login using my self-issued informationcard

All your base are belong to us
at Fabrikam Friends. But it throws an error page at me.

My guess is that Fabrikam Friends can only handle bearer tokens not holder-of-key tokens. I noticed the same behaviour at the jinformationcard demo shop.
The internal STS in Windows CardSpace issues bearer tokens

while the Firefox ID selector issues holder-of-key tokens.

Kim's Identityblog is still accepting my tokens. Good.

Though I won't rule out that something is wrong with the Firefox id selector tokens. When 's the next interop?


The Mad Scientist said...

The site actually mentions Windows CardSpace. A major problem with CardSpace is that Microsoft has defined several ways to host this in a browser. This is like begging for interoperability problems.

Mike Jones said...

There's another interop planned at the Burton Group Catalyst conference in Barcelona, which will be October 22-25, 2007. -- Mike