Monday, January 11, 2010

Microsoft Update Certificate Woes

When I choose "Start -> Microsoft Update" on my Windows system IE starts and shows .
Security paranoid as I am I have HTTPS:// in my list of "trusted" sites but not the HTTP-site. I am willing to pay the price to have to add the "s" after "http" every time. No problem.

What annoys me is that since some time ago the certificate is issued to "" but not for "".
I admit that maybe I am not supposed to visit this site because I edited the URL by hand but come on Microsoft: Please buy another certificate or configure the server to redirect me to the one and only with the correct certificate. (This prepending "www" to every webserver is stupid anyway. Leave that to the companies that are 90% marketing and 10% feature)

All OS-updates should be over HTTPS anyway. CPUs are cheap! Buy some more if the encryption is a performance issue. I want that extra SSL security.

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