Thursday, July 23, 2009

Imaginary Schedule for Catalyst '09

If I could travel to Burton Group Catalyst Conference I would go to this talks:

Bob Blakley2009: Upheaval In The Identity Market
Lori Rowland; Bob Blakley; Mark Diodati;Gerry Gebel;Ian Glazer;Kevin KampmanIdentity Management: No Time Like the Present
Michael Barrett"Two Billionths of a Second after the Big Bang - Where Is Consumer Identity
Bob BlakleyThe Identity Services Market
Bill PeerComing to Grips with Your Inner Cloud
Mary Ruddy; Ron Carpinella; Tom Oscherwitz; Rick Rubin; Denise TayloeThe Age of Identity Oracles
Anne Thomas ManesIn Memory of SOA
Robert AmosEmpower the Business with Identity Management
Richard WatsonService Modeling: Making Sure Your Services Deliver Value
Dharmesh PanchmatiaService Orientation for Success: a Case Study

and more. Listing all interesting talks here takes too much time.
And then there is the Concordia workshop and the ICF Directors Face-to-face meeting...

I wish I could be there.

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Unknown said...

Hey Axel, the next Burton Group Catalyst conference in Europe is in Prague 19-22 April 2010. This might be more possible for you to travel to. Keep in touch to find out news on the agenda.

Richard Watson.
Analyst, Application Platform Strategies
Burton Group