Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pamela Dingle Speaks

Join veteran Experts Conference speaker Pam Dingle as she shares tips and tricks on how to achieve 'enlightened bottom-up' Identity Management. Pam believes that, as long as you start with a few simple overarching strategic principles, identity management can be 90% tactical. Pamela will use her professional IdM experience to show how the right selection of point solutions in the enterprise can make a world of difference, providing strategic agility to the business while pre-emptively reducing complexity for the future. Look for ILM, Federation and CardSpace to be key technology players in this talk, complete with real-life examples that tie it all together.

The Experts Conference, March 22-25, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV presents her talk "The Survivalists Guide to Identity Management".

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Enrique said...

Hi Axel,

Looking for Information Cards, I have found your blog. We have been working for adding Information Card support to simpleSAMLphp (a kind of SP/IdP SAML and Shibboleth-capable software) in order to use it in a SSO proposal. As part of our proposal, we would like to eliminate the annoying part of user credential introduction in the Information Card model. I think that your proposal could be quite interesting and we are very fond in cooperating with you i f you still are interesting in its implementation. I also considered automatic issuance of certificates.

In case you are interested in discussing this with me, just let me know how to contact you.

Hope to see from you soon