Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No XHTML at Information Card Tile Page

Is it only me who finds it anoying that Microsoft over and over again produces example pages that have very very illegal (X)HTML code?

The example page for the Information Card Tile has yet several errors that occure when one uses a framework to create HTML pages that simply does not work well.
One should think that Microsoft's programmers have access to tools that produce valid code?! Or maybe all the Micorsoft tools and frameworks are so that they produce invalid code when you include one page into another?

Bad example. Although I like the Information Card Tile. Even though I would implement it in another way. Some time ago I came up with the same idea but did not implement it because that would have been "not standard". Well, now it seems we witness the birth of a new standard.

I would implement the Information Card Tile รก la microformats by using the class attribute. I would add a special class to the HTML-image tag to denote a tile.

If the RP does not want a tile when no selector is installed then:
Example: <image class="InformationCardTile" src="" id="the-ppid" alt="invisible"/>

If the RP does want an image when no selector is installed then:
Example: <image class="InformationCardTile" src="http://rp/image.png" id="the-ppid" alt="Purple Information Card Icon" onclick="submitForm()"/>

The selector would then overwrite the src-attribute when the card with the PPID "the-ppid" exists and add an onclick-handler that starts the selector or sends the card if the user has chosen to always use this card.

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