Tuesday, June 03, 2008

OSIS I3 Information Card RelyingParty Feature Test

The sad truth is that nobody really cared to fill out the feature test tables for relyingparties during the OSIS I3 interop. This table shows only relyingparties that have at least one test result other than "Not Tested". The xmldap RP and all Microsoft RPs were deleted from the table for this reason. Even features that most RPs support have no utilizable value. The last two rows of the table should show "Works" for probably all RPs but they show the dreaded "Not Tested"...

This table is not usefull to conclude the maturity of the Identity Metasystem from it. Shame on us. Shame on me.


Anonymous said...

Axel -- this might be a bug from my wiki cloning -- the template may be misinterpreting the results.

I'll check and let you know immediately



Anonymous said...

Sorry Axel, I had fixed a typo in the name of these tests that resulted in the proper test not showing up -- but when I cloned, I re-introduced the old test name.

If you look again, you should see some different results (but still a lot of not tested, iirc)

Sorry about that :(