Monday, April 21, 2008

OSIS Interop Showcase at EIC2008

Wednesday and Thursday are the days to be in Munich to attend the 2nd European Identity Conference. Kuppinger and Cole were so kind to provide space and a WLAN and time and marketing people for the first post RSA interop. We will demonstrate interoperability during the last two hours of the expo opening time each day. Most of the RSA interop sites are up and working. The results of this interop go into the main RSA results table.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the day of interesting pre-conference workshops. I will attend the workshop "VRM 2008 - Unconference on Vendor Relationship Management" unorganized by Doc Searls. My colleague from T-Home, Michael Gärtner will present at the Liberty Alliance Standards Workshop. My colleague, Jörg Heuer, will participate in this panel discussion.

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