Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Novell's javascript mania

Today I was looking for a mailing list that announces new versions of the DigitalMe identity selector. I started looking at the Bandit's project home page. And surfed to "bandit-announcements" which sounded interesting too. From there the browser gets redirected to Novell's login page where I choose "create account". This looks like this when you have scripts disabled:

And like this when javascript is allowed for

CSS anyone? And than: this is another example of a page that has a "XHTML strict" doctype but that is NOT "XHTML strict" (120 errors). Sad.

Another, more important thing, comes to mind: Why can't I use a self-issued information card to provide account information and why can't I login with that same card afterwards? Please...

BTW: I did not create an account.

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Unknown said...

Hey Axel, your timing is impeccable. We have been moving some of the Bandit Project support systems from the Novell Forge site to our own servers for many reasons, including some of the ones you mention.

We are now doing our project management via a Trac instance here:

(Please note that you can login with a variety of information cards)

The bandit mailing lists are here:

The subversion repository has been moved to the same server and is integrated with the Trac system.

BUT a number of pieces of our project transition are still incomplete. Most notable is that the main wiki site at has only recently started to reflect the underlying changes, and the links to the new mailing lists had not been updated at all.

The DigitalMe releases you were looking for are being announced on this new list (and no user account is required to subscribe):