Friday, September 21, 2007

IA Management

The openinfocard id selector now has a "Manage Cards" button on its preferences page.

The preferences are displayed when you choose the menu item "options" from the "tools" menu. Pressing the "Manage Cards" button opens the same window that pops up when you visit a relying party. You can create and delete self-issued cards from here and you can import and delete managed cards from here. You can't (currently) retrieve the values of a managed card from this dialog.

The new version (xmldap- of the openinfocard id selector can be found here. I will update the version number to 0.9.8 after I added some more features; like displaying the privacy statement. This can't currently by done because Kevin Miller's Firefox extension uses privacyPolicy instead of privacyUrl and privacyPolicyVersion instead of privacyVersion. (And because the openinfocard id selector uses Kevin's selector selector.) I hope that either Kevin or Garrett will fix this soon.

Another needed feature for the openinfocard id selector is "phishing defense". This should not be too complicated to implement, but will make an update of the internal card store format necessary.

Anyway: Manage your cards!

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