Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Firefox3 Java Bug: openinfocard needs your help

The early betas of Firefox3 crashed when the openinfocard identity selector was loaded. The current beta and the one before do not crash, but don't work.

InternalError: Unable to convert JavaScript value
to Java value of type java.net.URL[]

Yesterday I retrieved the latest Firefox3 code from CVS and noticed that now it is called "3.0pre1", but still it has the same bug.

Openinfocard needs your help. Please try this with other versions of java on different operating systems and report this on the bugzilla page for this bug.
Here is a version of the openinfocard id selector that installs on Firefox3.
Here is the latest nightly Firefox3. Here is the latest beta.

I don't want Firefox to be in a pre version with this bug inside. Please help! Report and confirm this bug here.

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