Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Please excuse this off-identity post, but finally I received the notification that I am a CISSP now. For sure I will get a nice piece of cardboard to hang next to my CISA certification. Great.

Maybe I can rescue this post by writing that I can now collect CPEs at the RSA conference that I am currently attending. The first workshop day was already quite interesting. Ashish Jain showed how he can use an information card and SAML2.0 to login to google apps. Super cool. Congratulations.
Robert Temple from BT (not Banker's Trust) talked about SAML2.0 at BT. Very interesting. I hope to get the slides soon. Conor P. Cahill gave an interesting presentation. I believe in the mobile phone as a secure (authentication) device too. Let us build the magic wand for identity.

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