Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CardSpace @ Microsoft 360° Security Days

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Microsoft Germany offers the Microsoft 360° Security Days to German speaking architects, project managers and developers. One session for architects and project managers is about Microsoft CardSpace. I really hope this will be an inspiring talk given by a true believer of the claims paradigm.
It's a pity that a participant can not provide her claims by using information cards during registration for the event.
Anyway, I am happy that CardSpace is a topic. We need more events that advocate information cards. Worldwide and in other languages than English too. I hope that Microsoft Germany offers the slides of the session to the public after the event and not only to participants.

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Paul Trevithick said...

Agree that we need to evangelize generic "information card" technology to the world and deemphasize "CardSpace", "Higgins" "OpenInfoCard" and other implementations of i-cards.