Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bandit Architecture Goes Mobile

Anders Lundgren from RSA Labs just forwarded me a link to a Nokia research paper that describes an implementation of the Bandit's project architecture on mobile devices.

Too bad my attempts to contact Nokia regarding the Identity Metasystem failed. I tried to contact them right after Catalyst Barcelona but replies remained vague and dried out soon. I think that mobiles are THE target for information cards.
Maybe somebody from Nokia reading identity blogs reads this and we work together?
I think we are operating on common ground to a common goal and will benefit from a cooperation!


Paul Madsen said...

Hi Axel, I used my powerful social network to reach out to a Nokia colleague, who has forwarded your plea to the authors of the paper


Unknown said...

Hi Paul, they have Kryptonite in Finland. Your social super powers are mitigated by a Finnish form of yellow Kryptonite that causes mosquitos to thrive and that has the effect on humans that it amplifies the social habits often found in computer and technology related communities. Axel

Pekka Laitinen said...

Hi Axel (and Paul), I've been on vacation so I missed the plea until now. Please use the email addresses that were present in the paper to contact us.