Monday, October 01, 2007

Firefox extension dependency

Some have noticed it: The openinfocard id selector currently seems to need Kevin Miller's id selector selector extension on some operating systems.

With Rob Richards help I was able to fix this. The openinfocard id selector now does not depend on Kevin Miller's extension anymore. This is important for "alternative operating systems".
The dependency wasn't really well documented. Sorry for that.

PHP Guru Rob Richards noticed a bug related to this. The chain of certs and the chainLength of the relying party were only intialized in the perpetual-motion glue and not in the openinfocard id selector's own object handling routine.

I fixed this in the latest 0.9.8 release candidate that can be downloaded here:

I am not sure whether we should stick to this dependency or revert to a self contained extension. Our own object handling was a little neglected in the last months; but it should be easy to spruce it up.


Rob Richards has an IdP and RP demo site too (no frills). I tried the openinfocard id selector there and it worked fine. You need to get a managed card here:
That is because Rob's site uses it's own tokentype:
Then navigate to his relying party to use that card.

The following image shows the lastest id selector in action at this RP.

Cards are now shown with background colors depending on their matching at the current RP. Red background denotes a not matching card. You might also notice the new checkbox in front of the claim(s). "checked and disabled" is a required claim. "unchecked and disabled" is an unwanted claim. "unchecked and enabled" is an optional claim. "checked and enabled" is an optional claim that was sent the "last time".
All this will be features of the next 0.9.8 version. This is not fully functional yet.

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