Friday, September 05, 2008

Google Chrome

A quote from Wikipedia about Google Chrome:


Plugins such as Adobe Flash Player are typically not standardised and as such cannot be sandboxed like tabs. These often need to run at or above the security level of the browser itself. To reduce exposure to attack, plugins are run in separate processes that communicate with the renderer, itself operating at "very low privileges" in dedicated per-tab processes. Plugins will need to be modified to operate within this software architecture while following the principle of least privilege.

Chrome supports the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI), but does not support the embedding of ActiveX controls. Also, Chrome does not have an extension system such as Mozilla-compatible *.xpi cross-platform extension architecture and thus XPI-based extensions such as AdBlock and GreaseMonkey can not be adapted to Chrome.

This means: no easy way to port the openinfocard id selector nor the browser add-on to Google Chrome.
Maybe I should take some time to revive my openinfocard plugin subproject...
Or I should start to put IDentity In the Browser and change the Chrome source code...?


Anonymous said...

My vote would be for an IDIB plugin for Chrome... that would rock. If you make any progress or have any questions or issues please let us know on

Josh said...

I second the motion for a Chrome plugin, keep up the great work. I love Vidoop but don't like the idea of being locked in to any one browser.