Monday, September 22, 2008

Drop into a Site

I just uploaded a new verion of the XMLDAP RP source code and a new version of the openinfocard card selector.

You still have to compile you own version of the XMLDAP relyingparty because the current server still lacks a valid cert.
Signature validation of an newly imported card seems to fail too everytime. Sorry. Working on that (too).

Now for the new stuff. You can now display a list of your Firefox Identity Selector's cards in the browsers sidebar by pressing Ctrl-Shift-I. When you then drag a card onto the Information Card Icon the identity selector gets started and you can select a card to generate a token for the relyingparty. Cool.

It would be even cooler if the dragged card was preselected but for this I have to change the interface between browser add-on and identity selector.
The current interface for the getBrowserToken function is:

    GetBrowserToken: function (
issuer , recipientURL, requiredClaims, optionalClaims , tokenType,
privacyPolicy, privacyPolicyVersion, serverCert, issuerPolicy);

I will just add the new parameter cardid to this call. And while I am at it I will introduce a new parameter sslMode. "sslMode" tells the selector whether the browser thinks that the serverCert is an extended validation certificate or not. Adding more and more parameters to the call does not seem optimal but the xpt interface in mozilla code only allows simple and some more types. I can not define structs/records etc. Theses changes to the API affect the other Firefox extension too. I have to change CardSpace for Firefox too. And maybe others will make use of this API too? (Another subproject I don't have time for: convert the DigitalMe/Bandit/Higgins-Firefox selectors into components that use this API. Or another API we might agree on in the "Browser Integration Working Group" in the Information Card Foundation.)

Drag a card onto the relyingparty's icon.

How does it work: Well, I had to make another change and add a new parameter to the HTML object of type application/x-informationcard.

<form method='post' action='./infocard' id='infocard' enctype='application/x-www-form-urlencoded'>
<img id="icDropTarget" class="droparea" src="./img/card_off.png" alt=""
onclick='var pf = document.getElementById("infocard"); pf.submit();'/>

<object type="application/x-informationcard" name="xmlToken">
<param name="privacyUrl" value=""/>
<param name="requiredClaims" value=""/>
<param name="optionalClaims" value=""/>
<param name="tokenType" value="urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:assertion"/>
<param name="privacyVersion" value="1"/>
<param name="icDropTargetId" value="icDropTarget"/>

The new parameter "icDropTargetId" signifies the element where information cards can be dropped onto. The img element in this example has this id. If the element is inside a form than it is submitted by the dropped information card. Simple!

Enjoy. (with Firefox 2 please)

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