Thursday, June 05, 2008


Today I updated the xmldap relyingparty to contain two HTML objects of type "application/x-informationcard". To keep things simple I just have put two forms on the website each containing one object. The only difference between the two is that on requires a self-issued card while the other does not restrict the issuer.

The id selectors seem to handle this well. I tested it with the openinfocard id selector and with CardSpace.

What is this good for?! Well, one object could request a card from the issuer "Mastercard" while the other requests a card from the issuer "Visa". Or one could request an issuerpolicy while the other does not...

Interestingly CardSpace fails the test on Pamela's test page for the OSIS interop test. It seems that CardSpace does not like the missing "requiredclaims" parameter...
The openinfocard id selector has its flaws too but they don't stop this test from "working" or do they?

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