Monday, November 23, 2009

New Version of "Cardspace for Firefox" addon

Well, this took quite some time.

Several people reported that there were issues with the IdentitySelector from the Codeplex repository (sometimes called Cardspace for Firefox) on Windows Vista while Windows XP worked. But now, finally, I was able to build a new version on Windows 7 using the Mozilla build system as described here. I tested it with Firefox 3.5.5 and it seems to do what is expected. Although I did not test it on Vista. Please report issues by using the Codeplex issue tracker.

Following are some screen shots from my tests:

The Cardspace version used was as it come with Windows 7.

There is still much work to do like bringing this addon's code to the same maturity of the openinfocard selector.
And keeping it there e.g. by improving the XRDS support.

Later support the OpenID Selector...
And integrate with the work at Mozilla Labs like the "AccountManager"...
Not to forget the design work in the Kantara Universal Login Experience working group...

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