Monday, May 18, 2009

Internet Identity Workshop & openinfocard

The Internet Identity Workshop seems to inspire me to work more on the openinfocard selector again. I just uploaded a new version. Drag and Drop of Information Cards works again. You can open the sidebar using shift-alt-ctrl-i and then drag one of your cards to the main window (relying party).

The selector then opens and the dragged card is choosen. You just need to hit the "send" button or select some optional claims first.
You should look at the details of this particular relying party ( Pamela implemented the use of XRD/S for information cards for her wordpress plugin. If you add something like
<meta http-equiv="X-XRDS-Location" content=""/>
to your site and you use openinfocard then you can use Information Cards without the "object"-HTMLElement.

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