Monday, April 06, 2009

similar people at quillp

Today I tried a new social network quillp that claims to help to establish a new cosmos for me by knowing how I like or not-like books I have read.

They have a subservice that offers a list of books of people similar to me:

I seems I am special and not many readers are similar to me.
Or they don't have their database and algorithms straight.
Well, about every ten click leads to a .NET error like: "table 0 not found".

What I do not like about Quillp: Somebody must explain oauth to them now!

Anyway: I subscribe to the mantra "publish early, publish often" too. And "if your not embarassed by your first version then you published to late".
Quillp has some work to do but I like the idea and happily divulge my bookshelve to them but not my password to other sites.

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