Friday, January 11, 2008

xmldap code used in opensso

Gerry Beuchelt blogged about a deep-dive event the opensso team is having on the Microsoft campus. He sent an email to Chuck that some of the code used in opensso is from the openinfocard project. That's cool. Additionally they found a wrong namespace used in X509 authentication. A part of the code that is currently not used in the xmldap IdP. I corrected this and added a JUNIT test for this authentication method. Hopefully we will be able to accept X509 and other authentication methods in the xmldap IdP soon too.
Actually a year ago Chuck and I were thinking of integrating our code into opensso and continue to work there on the code. I wrote a LoginModule for Sun's Access Manager and sent it to Chuck to forward it to the opensso team which Chuck knows from his time at Sun.

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