Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Win an iPhone

The Bandit Project gives you the chance to win an iPhone if you get an Information Card here: https://cards.bandit-project.org/

So... You don't care about Information Cards and just want that iPhone? What is the shortest way to this goal?

If you have Windows Vista, then this is easy. Everything will just work out of the box.
If you have an older version of Windows or an "alternative operating system", then download the best browser on earth: Firefox and get an Id Selector e.g. the openinfocard id selector or something from here.

If you have Windows XP, then as an alternative way you might get IE7 and .NET3. And don't forget to visit update.microsoft.com afterwards.

Thanks to the Bandit Project for this promotion of information cards.

BTW: If I win, I would prefer the T-Mobile version. :-)

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