Saturday, August 18, 2007

LiveId not supporting Firefox Id Selector (or vice versa?)

Christian Arnold reports that Microsoft Live is now supporting (beta) Information Cards.
I tried this with the Firefox Id Selector but...

Well, I don't know what's wrong here. Maybe it is the same issue as with FriendsWithCards...? Mike Jones told me he will have somebody look into the FWC issue. I fixed the computation of the thumbprintsha1 inside the Firefox Id Selector, which now computes the digest of the entire certificate bytes (instead of the digest of the public key bytes). FWC could not find the certificate, while other relying parties just use the certificate of the SSL connection, instead of searching for the certificate.
But still FWC does not like the SAML assertion generated by the Firefox Id Selector :-(

Besides: LiveId is no major Internet business according to Microsoft CardSpace:

BTW: How do I remove my information card from the LivID profile? Could not find this option. Maybe a typical user management one way street?

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