Wednesday, July 11, 2007

identity.xsd glitch

While applying xmlbeans to identity.xsd I noticed that an imported schema could not be found. "" does not exist.

My guess was that this is like the claims URL-change. does exist.
This looks similar to the URL-change CardSpace enthusiasts had to endure when the claims where changed from e.g. "" to "". This introduced some work in the openinfocard project.

Microsoft says:
"The schema location for namespace should be

The schema at will be fixed."

A quick search using Eclipse throug the openinfocard source code found 12 matches for the current URL...

It seems we need to introduce a new constant:
static final String WSA_NAMESPACE_06_03 = "";
static final String WSA_NAMESPACE_04_08 = "";
static final String WSA_NAMESPACE_05_08 = "";
static final String WSA_PREFIX = "wsa";

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